RFbeam also provides engineering services. This includes the design of custom hardware, schematics and PCB-Layout work as well as production of prototypes and larger quantities. Our lab is equipped for measurements up to 110GHz. Do you need a custom antenna design ? — Ask our antenna experts ! Whether you are looking for standard antennas as Patch or Horn or more complex Vivaldi or Sinuous designs, we can support you with proven solutions. Our hardware and software design experience covers the full range from microcontrollers to FPGA designs and fast signal processing algorithms. The design and fabrication of mechanical housings is also possible. Our design team works with state-of-the-art software.

Antenna Design

Antenna Types

Besides the well known patch (array) antenna, we design other antennas like "PCB slot antennas" "slot yagi" and "pin yagi" types for short range applications. Applications sometimes demand specialized fieldpattern, beam steering and other, customer-specific characteristics.


Many years of experience in designing planar microstrip antennas lead to efficient and reliable results. All antennas of our radar modules are developed by RFbeam. We design patch-, slot- and other antenna types on different PCB materials. So we can assure the optimal solution for your needs - from lowcost to highend.

Design and Simulation

For our microwave antenna design we use different CAE tools. Most important for 3D field simulation is the powerful CST Microwave Studio software.


With our automated antenna measurement chamber, we are able to measure and plot 3D field characteristics for K-band antennas. For lower frequencies, we work together with partners located next to us. The electrical characteristics become measured, optimized and documented with sophisticated measurement & test.

The art of MW design

Field vectors around a via

Ultra Wideband Antenna

Endfire Antenna

Microwave Circuit Design

An important part of RFbeam's activities is customer specific R&D. RFbeam - Your partner for engineering and applied research projects.

Example: K-Band Superhet Dual Receiver/Transmitter

This circuit presented here has been developed for a research project.

Different antennas may be connected via SMA connectors. A Sub-D connector carries analog and digital signals. Host PC allows system control over USB.

Signal Processing for Microwave Applications


RFbeam has a long tradition in realizing signal processing based on DSPs, FPGAs and traditional microcontrollers. Large and small companies rely on our R&D services.

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Application Examples

Here are some examples projects:


Doppler, FSK and FMCW algorithms based on Windows PC as well as on Arm and FPGA architectures.


Modulators, baseband GBit modems, forward error corrections for ultra high speed RF links up to 86GHz.


RF chip test systems, Reference designs for 24GHz and 77GHz automotive RF chips, Evaluation and starter kits.