Standard Product

K-LD2 Radar Transceiver

Key Features:
  • 24GHz miniature I/Q transceiver
  • Integrated FFT Signal Processing with digital output
  • Lowcost design
  • Digital outputs for detection and direction
  • Sensitivity and holdtime can be set using analog inputs
  • Additional configuration possible with serial input
  • 2×4 patch antenna with 80°/34° beam aperture
  • 25×25mm² surface, thickness < 6.5 mm


The K-LD2 is an easy to use 2 × 4 patch Doppler module with an asymmetrical beam for lowcost short distance applications. This transceiver includes a RFbeam RSP1 Signal processor and all necessary circuitry. Digital outputs signal a detection and also the direction of the movement. Important parameters can be adjusted with external potentiometers. Object speed can be measured using the integrated serial connection.

There is no need to write own signal processing algorithms or handle small and noisy signals. This module contains everything what is necessary to build a simple but reliable movement detector. An extremely slim construction with only 6 mm depth gives you maximum flexibility in your equipment design. A powerful starterkit with signal visualization on a PC is available.

Typical Applications:

Indoor automation

Automatic light activation
Air-conditioning active if room is occupied

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Movement detection

Activate light on advertising boards
Attract attention to an object

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Speed measurement

Inform driver of his actual speed
Measure distances between vehicles

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