Standard Product

K-MC1 Radar Transceiver

Key Features:
  • 24GHz K-band
  • 25°x12° Pattern
  • FM Input
  • I/Q Mixer
  • IF-Preamp
  • Mixer DC output
  • RSW Sleep Mode


K-MC1 is a 60 patch doppler module with an asymmetrical narrow beam for long distance sensors. It is ideally suited for traffic supervision.

This module includes two 55dB low noise preamplifiers for both I and Q channels. The need for external analogue electronics will be significantly reduced by this feature. For special signal condition applications, an additional buffered Mixer DC output is provided. This greatly improves flexibility in multistep FSK ranging applications. The unique "RSW" Rapid Sleep Wakeup function with <10us wakeup time makes this module ideal for battery operated equipment. Typical duty cycle in RSW mode may be < 1% with full movement detection capability by sampling the IF signals.
An extremely slim construction with only 6mm depth gives you maximum flexibility in your equipment design.

K-MC1 Block Diagram

Energy Saving

Is your equipment battery or solar cell operated?
K-MC1 and K-MC3 modules are equipped with a power saving technology: Rapid Sleep Wakeup.
RSW allows power savings up to 90% and more.
For more information please download the datasheet in the download section above.

Typical Applications:

Movement detection

Activate light on advertising boards
Attract attention to an object

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Speed measurement

Inform driver of his actual speed
Measure distances between vehicles

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