Standard Product

K-MC1_LP Low Power Radar Transceiver

Key Features:
  • Vcc 3.3V .. 5V
  • 25°x12° Pattern
  • 24GHz K-band
  • I/Q Mixer
  • IF-Preamp


K-MC1_LP is a low current doppler module with an asymmetrical narrow beam for medium to long distance sensors. It is ideally suited for traffic applicatons.

K-MC1_LP needs 10 times less current than our standard K-MC1 sensor and works from 3.3V or 5V power supplies at nearly the same detection sensitivity.
This module includes an RF low noise amplifier and two 47dB IF pre-amplifiers for both I and Q channels. The need for external analogue electronics will be significantly reduced by this feature.
Please note, that K-MC1_LP does not provide a VCO: FMCW and FSK is not possible.

K-MC1_LP vs. K-MC1

Typ. Supply Current 7.5mA 70mA
Supply Voltage 3.15V ... 6V 4.75V … 5.25V
VCO Input (FMCW, FSK) not available yes
IF highspeed DC output not available yes
IF output DC offset (typ.) 1.5V 2.5V
RSW rapid sleep wakeup not necessary yes (sleep typ 7mA)
Sensitivity (typical) -140dBc -141dBc
IF noise voltage @1kHz -91dBV/Hz -96dBV/Hz

K-MC1_LP Block Diagram

Enegery Saving ++
Is your equipment battery or solar cell operated?
K-MC1_LP and K-MC5_LP work with ONLY 30mW supply power!
Users needing FMCW or FSK feature can still use our standard series sensors.
K-MC1 and K-MC3 Modules are equipped with a power saving technology: Rapid Sleep Wakeup.
RSW allows power savings up to 90% and more.
Learn more on RSW in the download section.

Typical Applications:

Movement detection

Activate light on advertising boards
Attract attention to an object

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Speed measurement

Inform driver of his actual speed
Measure distances between vehicles

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