Standard Product

K-HC1 Radar Transceiver

Key Features:
  • K-Band Superhet Transceiver System
  • Highest Sensitivity Receiver with Integrated IF Amp
  • Dual 32 Patch Antenna with 25°/12° Aperture
  • PLL Controlled Precision Transmitter
  • I/Q IF Doppler Output
  • IF Amplitude Output
  • USB Configurable Transmitter Modes
  • Rugged and Compact Construction


K-HC1 is a high-end Radar transceiver with an asymmetrical narrow beam for long distance detectors. It includes a low phase noise, PLL controlled transmitter and a superhet receiver with 10MHz IF. This architecture results in a superb noise figure of 4dB and an overall sensitivity of -164dBc @BW=1kHz. The Module can be used as sensitive Doppler sensor with I/Q output for speed and directional detection of moving objects. External MMCX input allows using external oscillator for multi module operation or low noise carrier. Modulation input may be used for FM or AM.

Typical Applications:

Intrusion Alarm

Detection movement in room
Measure distance to object

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Movement detection

Activate light on advertising boards
Attract attention to an object

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Speed measurement

Inform driver of his actual speed
Measure distances between vehicles

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