Standard Product

RFA1 Radar Activator

Key Features:
  • Low Power Radar Movement Detector
  • Adjustable Sensitivity 1m to 10m for Persons
  • Adjustable Hold 1Second … 30 Minutes
  • Object Detection from 1cm/s … 80km/h
  • Selectable Continuous and Pulsed Mode
  • Power Supply 6V … 15VDC
  • 7mA Supply Current in Pulsed Mode
  • Fluorescent Lamp Interference Suppression


RFA1 is a Radar based movement detector for objects moving up to 80km/h in continuous mode. It consists of a Radar sensor and a processing board. The output is an open collector driver with adjustable hold time from 1 to 30 minutes. Advanced pulsed technology allows low current operation at less than 10mA. Sensitivity is adjustable between 1m and 10m for persons. RFA1 is expandable by different I/O modules.

Typical Applications:

Indoor automation

Automatic light activation
Air-conditioning active if room is occupied

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Intrusion Alarm

Detection movement in room
Measure distance to object

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Movement detection

Activate light on advertising boards
Attract attention to an object

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