Standard Product

RSP1_EVAL Radar Doppler Signal Processor

Key Features:
  • 256pt FFT sampling rates up to 22.528kHz
  • Speed range up to 250km/h
  • Adaptive noise threshold
  • Fully configurable
  • Available in 44pin TQFP package (QFN on request)


RSP1 is an advanced, configurable Doppler signal processor.

Speed up time to market with RSP1

RSP1 contains all necessary building blocks for Doppler processing. Use Reference design and support tools from RSP1 Evaluation Kit.

Get excellent sensitivity and flexibility

256pt FFT algorithms allow more than double detection range. Use full advantage of selective filtering and directional detection.

Adaptive threshold and interference suppression

Adaptive and selective threshold compensates sensor and amp noise. Threshold also filters fluorescent light, vibrations and other interferences.

Rely on our experience

RFbeam knows planar Radar technology from ground up. At the same time, RFbeam is an experienced specialist for Radar signal processing.

Concentrate on your Application

RSP1 - The bridge from the Radar sensor to your appplication.

RSP1 Evaluation Kit

RSP1 Evaluation Kit is a fully operational movement sensor application using advanced signal processing. It saves an important amount of evaluation and development time and money.
5 Different K-LCx sensors are included.

RSP_Scope and RSP_Terminal Software

RSP1 Evaluation kit contains Windows software tools for evaluation and mastering all RSP1 features.
RSP_Scope displays FFT and speed chart generated on the RSP1 chip serial debug port.
RSP_Terminal allows viewing and setting parameters via the the serial host command port.
RSP_Prog is a tool for in-system updating the RSP1 firmware.

RSP_Scope Sreenshot

Typical Applications:

Indoor automation

Automatic light activation
Air-conditioning active if room is occupied

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Intrusion Alarm

Detection movement in room
Measure distance to object

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Movement detection

Activate light on advertising boards
Attract attention to an object

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Speed measurement

Inform driver of his actual speed
Measure distances between vehicles

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