Standard Product

K-TS1 Radar Frontend Testsystem

Key Features:
  • "All-In-One" System
  • 23-25GHz Range
  • PLL Synthesizer
  • CW VCO Transmitter
  • Rx Frequency Meter
  • Rx Power Meter
  • Doppler Simulator
  • Operates Stand Alone
  • USB Host Connection


K-TS1 is a fully integrated radarmodule test­system for K-band transmitters, receivers and transceivers. It consists of a digitally controlled synthesizer and transmitter, a selective re­ceiver with power indicator and a synthetic doppler target simulator.
Its extremely compact construction makes it an ideal component for production and quality control systems.

TSviewLite Graphical User Interface

TSviewLite is an optional software tool. It presents a comfortable user interface and allows taking measures with just a few mouse clicks.

TSviewLite Software

Why using K-TS1?

By using K-TS1 you save
A 24GHz spectrum analyzer
A 24GHz power meter
A 24GHz RF generator
A moving target
A coordinaton software
Test surface
A highly skilled operator
Many 10 .. 100k$

By using K-TS1 you get
A Simple, reliable solution at a fraction of cost!
Reproducable results
Frequency accuracy 1MHz
in Rx and Tx Modes

Measuring at a Click
Click - Select mode
Read from long distances
Click - Save results in a logfile

Typical Applications: