Standard Product

K-DT1 Radar Doppler Target

Key Features:
  • Handheld Doppler Simulator
  • Fully Standalone
  • 1 to 300 km/h Simulation
  • 3 Presets
  • Adjustable Amplitude, Direction, Duration
  • Powerful PC Software


K-DT1 is a portable moving target simulator for K-band Radar transceivers. It can be used for calibrating and testing speed displays, door openers, safety systems and other radar based Doppler sensors.
A software generated modulation signal allows generation of low distortion and directional Doppler signals from 44Hz to 9kHz corresponding to speeds from 1km/h to 200km/h.

Portable Standalone Operation

K-DT1 is battery operated and comes in a small soft case. You can take it everywhere. No external equipment is needed. Recall one of three presets, that have been stored with the DT1-Remote software.

DT1-Remote Graphical Interface

A software for remote controlling and configuring K-DT1.

DT1-Remote Software

RFbeam Radar Test Equipment

K-DT1: Portable Doppler moving target simulator. Test and calibrate your radar system simpler than ever.

K-TS1: All-In-One system for frequency and power measurements including Doppler simulator.

ST100: Evaluate your Radar transceiver and explore the Doppler Radar world

Typical Applications: