Standard Product

K-FT1 Radar Doppler Target

Key Features:
  • Simulate Speed, Direction, Distance and RCS of up to 2 targets
  • Simulation Distance : 2 .. 150 m ( 0.25 m Accuracy )
  • Simulated Speed : -300 .. +300 km / h ( 0.1 km / h Accuracy )
  • Profile for each target can be defined and replayed
  • Display / Measurement of Center Frequency, Bandwidth and Spectrum
  • RF Frequency range : 24.000 .. 24.250 GHz
  • Opening Angle : 30 × 30°, linear
  • Intergated Battery for up to 2 hours independent use
  • 3.5 " TFT Display with Softkeys


K-FT1 is a simulator to generate fixed or moving targets for a K-Band ( 24.000 – 24.250 GHz ) Radar Transceiver.

These targets will be visible in Doppler, FSK and FMCW systems and can be used to verify performance of a complete system with complex modulation method. The K-FT1 can be used in stationary as well as mobile equipment due to the implemented battery. Up to 2 targets can be simulated simultaneously. Each target is defined by its reflectivity, distance, speed and direction. These parameters can be defined using a PC software or directly on the device using its touch screen display. Also target profiles can be defined and played back, as the target parameters can be updated every 10 ms. This system also allows measuring RF parameters of the device under test ( DUT ) as frequency, output power and occupied bandwidth.


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Typical Applications: