Standard Product

ST100 Starterkit

Key Features:
  • 16Bit Acquision
  • 2 Channels
  • Realtime Recording
  • Realtime Playback
  • SignalViewer SW
  • USB Interface


Discover Doppler radar signals with RFbeam ST100 Starterkit!

16Bit Low Noise Highspeed Design

Low noise 16Bit design lets you analyze even lowest signal levels. ST100 processes signals up to 16kHz, corresponding to a speed of 360km/h! Two channel design allows parallel processing of I and Q sensor signals.
Two 16Bit DAC outputs may be used for frequency modulation (FMCW, FSK) or playing back recorded signals.

RFbeam SignalViewer Software

- View and analyze Doppler signals in realtime
- Record signals to files
- Playback and move through the recorded signals
- Use ST100 as signal source for testing your signal processing

RFbeam SignalViewer Screenshot

Flexible Hardware

ST100 fits with nearly all shortrange doppler radar modules on the market.

System Design

Analyze signals with ST100 prior to your system development.
Record real-world signals on-site and play them back later.
Reproduce situations by connecting ST100 analog outputs in place of the radar module.


Learn about radar data acquisition and interpretation with ST100.
ST100 is a very suitable investment for universities and technical schools.

Typical Applications: