Standard Product

K-LC1a_V5 Radar Transceiver

Key Features:
  • 24GHz K-band
  • 80°x43° Pattern
  • 50MHz IF Bandwidth
  • 25x25mm2 small
  • 6mm thickness
  • Lowcost
  • 3.3V Supply


K-LC1a is a 8 patch doppler module with an asymmetrical beam for lowcost short distance applications. Its typical applications are movement sensors in the security and automatic door domain. In building automation this module may be an alternative for infrared PIR or AIR systems thanks to its outstanding performance/cost ratio.

K-LC1a is extremely small and lightweight. With its IF bandwidth from DC to 50MHz it opens many applications. FSK is possible thanks to the unique RFbeam oscillator design. This allows to use this lowcost module even in ranging applications. A powerful starterkit with signal conditioning and visualization is available.

Block diagram (*depending on K-LC1a version)

Model overview

Model Pins FM Supply
K-LC1a 5 yes 5V
K-LC1a V2 3 no 5V
K-LC1a V4 5 yes 3.3V
K-LC1a V5 * 3 no 3.3V

Typical Applications:

Vital Sign monitoring

Measure heartbeat
Breathing rate

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Indoor automation

Automatic light activation
Air-conditioning active if room is occupied

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Intrusion Alarm

Detection movement in room
Measure distance to object

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Movement detection

Activate light on advertising boards
Attract attention to an object

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