V-LD1 Distance sensor

Key Features

  • Small and low cost digital 61GHz FMCW radar distance sensor
  •  Precise distance measurement with mm accuracy
  • Can be combined with a plastic lens for higher detection distances
  • Distance measurement up to 50m (depending on medium and used lens)
  • Ultra small SMD form factor (12mm × 16mm)
  • Single 1.8V power supply for simple integration
  • Ultra low power consumption and fast start-up time
  • Distance output over serial UART interface
  • RAW data readout support (Distance spectrum, ADC values)
  • Integrated bootloader for firmware update
  • Evaluation kit available including plastic lens

The V-LD1 is an easy to use 61GHz FMCW distance radar sensor with integrated signal processing. No special knowledge in analogue or digital signal processing is needed to adapt the module to different applications resulting in a fast time to market. Transmit frequency and sweep bandwidth are controlled internally and a selection of settings is available to adapt to your application requirements.

The beam width of the module itself is 170 × 60 degrees. However, RFbeam also offers an evaluation kit in combination with a plastic lens that focuses the beam to 8 × 8 degrees, which is  perfect for tank level gauging applications.

Ordering number State Description
V-LD1-RFB-00M-01 Active Standard V-LD1 sensor module with default configuration, without PC software
V-LD1-LENS-RFB-01 Active Standard V-LD1 lens, ABS like white plastic
V-LD1-EVAL-RFB-00H Active Standard V-LD1 evaluation kit with powerful PC software and plastic lens


Counting and classification

Internet of things

Smart city

Water level and speed measurement


Anti collision

Obstacle avoidance

Periphery surveillance

Tank level gauging